Our company is committed to the studying of the problems of these fabulous curved furnitures, which are in the global market since a while. We have put in effect some solutions and improvements that have significantly raised the standard of quality, at reasonable prices..

· Production of the furniture in one single essence:
The whole dresser (top, sides, fronts) is made of just one kind of material (i.e. durmast, briar, walnut, beech, etc.). The woodgrain can be enhanced with the applications of special finishing. Clear, dark, multi coloured aniline emphasize the wood, while the lacquered and the gold and silver leaf finishing give a touch of originality. The desire of taking care of the details led us to produce some final touches as the drawer’s fronts edging on the visible parts.

· Side of the cabinet in one piece (built without joints between the leg and the side):
The sides of the cabinet is made in one piece without joints, unlike the other models currently on the market, which are made of light and fragile materials that break in the joint between the leg and the side. With the construction of the side in one piece, we solved this problem giving the guarantee of a long lasting product.

· Drawer with concealed slides:
The drawers, made of birch plywood and coated bleached color, are mounted on framework guides both traditional opening with handles or without handles (just run a little pressure on drawer so that it opens). Besides a perfect sliding, these guides will ensure that the drawer will not fall on the feet if you inadvertently open a bit 'more than necessary, because of its mechanical block system. Drawers are adjustable in depth and height, allowing any adjustment in the future.

· Center of gravity of the cabinet arrear:
center of gravity of the cabinet moved to back to avoid tipping over when you open all the drawers (Defect that exists in most of the furniture made in poplar)..

· Use of materials and glues that meet the European standards and respect the environment:
All the materials and glues are certified and moreover this kind of material contributes to the benefit of the environment and the staff, This was possible thanks to using construction techniques which ensure a top ring of the forniture using less glue and the almost total absence of putty.

· Quality control:
Our products are entirely made in Italy with qualified staff and with quality control at every stage of the manufacturing.

· Packaging:
The product is carefully packed in cardboard boxes with polystyrene caps and placed on pallets to make.

These are just some solved problems, in order to guarantee a long lasting quality product